HR: Chelsea are still favourites

Published Nov. 21, 2010 7:15 a.m. EST

The Tottenham manager, whose side beat Arsenal at the Emirates on Saturday, insists it is the most open title race in years. Redknapp said: "They (Chelsea), for me, would still be slight favourites over Manchester United, Arsenal, then Manchester City, Tottenham come into the reckoning. "Liverpool are starting to put a run together, Aston Villa, whoever, it's open for somebody. "If everybody believes you've got a chance then you've got a chance. If you think you're never going to do it then don't bother. "Chelsea have got problems in so much as they've lost (Frank) Lampard, they've lost 20 goals a year from midfield. They've had John Terry missing, last week they had Alex missing as well at the back, they've had Essien missing. "You take your best players out and you are obviously not going to be quite as good. Chelsea have had a problem with that. "But when it comes to handing out the trophies, be it Champions League, be it Premier League, Chelsea will be right there again this year." In the wake of his team's win at Arsenal, Redknapp had said Tottenham could win the title and he believes the chasing pack are catching up with Chelsea and Manchester United, who have dominated the league in recent years. Redknapp said on BBC Radio 5 Live's Sportsweek programme: "I think it's open, I'm not saying we will win it. We're probably a 100-1 shot still but it's more open that it's been for years because Manchester United and Chelsea are not on a completely different level to the chasing pack. "They're dropping points and if someone can take advantage of that and have a good run there's no reason somebody else can't do it this year."