Hill-Wood slams greedy stars

BY foxsports • October 18, 2011

The Gunners have had problems keeping their squad intact in recent times as they cannot compete financially with a number of other clubs. They are not able to offer their top stars quite the same lucrative riches that are available elsewhere, but Hill-Wood accepts that is just part of football. "We know it is there and you have just got to face it," he said in the Daily Star. "But we have got a limit to how much we are going to pay these boys. "And if some agent is prepared to come in and upset the player and try to move him on for a lot more money there is nothing much we can do. "You can't have a limit on what people are prepared to pay somebody. "What you have got to do is not lose your own head and pay what you think you can afford. "And if a player doesn't accept that, so be it." Players often explain transfers by saying they are frustrated by a lack of success, or investment, but Hill-Wood believes they are just chasing money. "That is just a smokescreen," he said. "All they are interested in is more money. They put out other statements but that's really what it's about. "How much can they spend? I don't know but they are p*****g it down the drain." Arsene Wenger agrees with Hill-Wood that simple economics meant players wanted to leave Arsenal because there was more money on offer elsewhere. "It's not that [players have to leave to win titles]," Wenger said. "The problem isn't that. "Frankly, if you compare what Manchester City have won in the past and what Arsenal have won, then you don't go to Manchester City to win titles. "Players go to Manchester City because they pay much better than Arsenal. "They are a force clearly, because they have exceptional financial clout, so it's not surprising what they've done."

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