Happy ending to story of boy with Messi uni made from plastic bag

BY Andre Vergara • February 3, 2016

Remember the search for the unknown boy who was wearing a Lionel Messi jersey made from a plastic bag?

Well, turns out the story has a happy ending.

The boy was identified as Murtaza Ahmadi of Afghanistan, and the 5-year-old not only received a real FC Barcelona Messi kit, but he also got invited to take the field with other players at the Afghanistan Football Federation headquarters on Tuesday. 

Most priceless of all? He wore his plastic Argentina-style Messi uni, which his older brother made for him, on top of his new kit.

A spokesman for the Afghanistan Football Federation told Al Jazeera "We will do everything in our capacity to train him," that he might one day play for the national team.

And if that's not exciting enough, the spokesman said Messi's management has reached out to the federation to arrange a meeting.

"Murtaza ... is so excited by the news of meeting Messi," the boy's dad told Al Jazeera. "We don't know when is it going to happen, but we are humbled by the response we got."