Frustrated Wenger blasts France flops

BY foxsports • July 10, 2010

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admits he is still furious at France's capitulation at the World Cup finals.

France bowed out in the group stages after they failed to win any of their matches against Uruguay, Mexico or South Africa.

The camp suffered during the tournament as Nicolas Anelka clashed with coach Raymond Domenech, and then a subsequent player strike followed after the Chelsea man was sent home.

"As a coach, when there is a conflict of egos, jealousy or suspicion you can't do anything but improve communication between players," Wenger explained in L'Equipe.

"It is the coach's duty to unravel trouble, but without the players' participation, you can't do anything. That is why a group needs strong leaders.

"The coach doesn't have access to the privacy of the group. Without intelligent players, you can't win. My players are intelligent.

"My anger is growing with each day that passes by, which should not be the case. How can a group reach that point? All year long the players are talking about the World Cup.

"How then, two days before a key match, can we reach extreme acts (strike) for such laughable reasons (solidarity to Anelka's ban)? It will remain forever a mystery to me. The group has become completely mad, forgetting the objective.

"Anyway, there is no possible working without authority. It is better a bad boss than no boss. We have to set back that culture in the French team, and send a strong message to the future players, that it should never happen anymore.

"I have been deeply traumatised with what I have seen. The French team is everyone's dream, it is unique and magic. What happened is a kind of destruction.

"We were ready to see them playing bad, but they went beyond this."

Wenger also criticised the decision to announce that Domenech would be leaving, to be replaced by Laurent Blanc, before the tournament had started.

He continued: "Before the World Cup I said: 'Having a coach reaching the end of his contract is putting a thorn in his finger'.

"You don't have anymore authority. The players know they will not need you any more later.

"In the French team, there were pretend words of unity for a while, but it never materialised on the pitch.

"There was neither solidarity, nor unity. You can't cheat people about unity just with words.

"When you defeat Faroe Islands 1-0 during the qualifiers, you can't hope to defeat Argentina 4-0 in the World Cup."

Wenger thinks modern life is partly to blame for some problems, adding: "We saw how it is difficult for national team players to live together.

"I have players in a lot of different teams and the echoes are all the same: 'There is a new problem: how can we spend 40 days all together...'

"The players entered an era of distant communication thanks to the internet or phones, but they don't talk any more together."

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