Friedel planning for the future

BY foxsports • January 24, 2013

That’s been a trend. When he was 37, he opted for Aston Villa over Manchester City and staying at Rovers. At 40, he could have stuck with Villa, gone to West Bromwich Albion or Liverpool, but picked Spurs. Every time around, he opted for the bigger challenge.

And if that endangered his streak, he was hardly aware of it. “I never knew what the number was,” says Friedel. “When I was at Aston Villa somebody came up to me and said, ‘You know, if you play three more games you break the record.’” He had no idea. Nor did he start counting.

Friedel’s streak is over now, but not his career. There is another season and a half to be played yet. Who knows how much more he’ll tack on. He’s borrowed time before. He has a revolving credit line of it, in fact. And if he quits, there’s the newest bigger challenge to look forward to.

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