Frank Lampard wants Chelsea return but has offers elsewhere

December 26, 2016

Frank Lampard, fresh off leaving New York City FC, isn’t quite ready to hang up his boots just yet.

The former Chelsea star told Soccer AM over the holiday weekend he would be interested to continue playing, but whether or not that happens, he'll be at Stamford Bridge in some capacity.

"I'm still waiting for the five-year contract to come through from Chelsea. They haven't called yet. We used to get those easily,” he joked. "Whatever happens, in some capacity I will be at Chelsea, whether that's with my season ticket watching them, but I don't know."

"I will be in very close contact,” he said. “Whether I have a role (as a player), that's not all in my hands so I can't go any further than that."

If Lampard does make a return to Stamford Bridge, it figures to be in some sort of coaching role. Although the midfielder said more than once on Soccer AM that he wants to play for Chelsea again, that doesn’t seem like a move the top-of-the-table Blues would have any reason to make.

Although Lampard played well for NYCFC and improved the team, that was only the case when he was on the field, which didn’t happen enough as he was often injured. The 38-year-old was widely placed in the conversation of the worst Designated Player in MLS history until he returned late in the season and started scoring goals.

Unconfirmed reports after he announced his departure from NYCFC indicated Chelsea were set to offer him a role on the coaching staff or as a cub ambassador if he retired. But Lampard said on Soccer AM that he does have offers to play elsewhere. He still needs to decide if he wants to pursue those opportunities.

"I've taken this Christmas to enjoy family, a couple of beers and an extra turkey and I'll make a decision in January whether I carry on playing - I have a few options - or finish and move on to whatever the next thing will be.”

Whatever happens, Lampard's status as a Chelsea legend is secure, having scored 211 goals over 13 years with the Blues.