Four more years for Fergie

BY foxsports • October 2, 2011

The legendary Scot has already occupied the position for 25 years, overseeing a glittering era in the Red Devils' history. He came close to stepping down in 2002, but a change of heart saw him shelve his retirement plans indefinitely. Speculation continues to rage regarding his Old Trafford tenure, with various dates offered up as potential end points. Ferguson, though, has always maintained that he will stay on for as long as he is enjoying his work and for as long as he feels he can do the job. He may be fast approaching his 70th birthday, but the Scot insists he has no plans to walk away any time soon, with it possible that he could remain in the post until 2015. "I've got three or four years left," said Ferguson. "I feel good. But when I do leave, I will leave in place a strong young team that will continue to succeed for my successor." Ferguson has helped United to dominate English football and claims his success is down to creating a mentality that is geared more towards the collective effort than individual reward. He added: "It's all about team spirit. "In a match, I only need eight of my players to be on top form. If the other three aren't up to it, it's not serious. The other eight do the work for them. "There has only been six matches where I've had all 11 players perform at their very best. It's like swallows. They always fly together in a group, in a V formation, and those at the front do the majority of the work. And they alternate regularly. "If one swallow flies out of formation, two others go to get him and bring him back into the group. It's the same in my teams - sacrifice, friendship, and the giving of oneself to the team."

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