Eden Hazard has no chill playing against his toddler son

May 17, 2016

Eden Hazard's largely forgettable season came to a merciful end on Sunday, as Chelsea drew the team that usurped their title as Premier League champions, Leicester City.

With just four goals and three assists on the season, the Belgian (and Chelsea) were ready to put an end to the season. As friends and family joined the Blues on the pitch at Stamford Bridge to say farewell after the match, Hazard squared off against one final opponent: His son.

And if you thought Papa Hazard was going to take it easy on his three-year-old, you were wrong. Just take a look at this degradation:

Leo Hazard doesn't stand a chance (duh). His first bite of the apple results in a face full of grass, while the second doesn't yield a much better result. But the third try is where his father really gets a kick out of the whole thing ... literally.


What a trip! Doesn't seem like there's a card forthcoming though. I suppose when you're routinely one of the Premier League's most-fouled players, it's in your best interest to make sure your kids grow up used to the feeling.

Maybe that's what Santi Cazorla did for his son?