Chelsea have the look of champions about them

BY foxsports • November 10, 2009

In theory, over the course of a season, the good, bad and ugly refereeing decisions will even themselves out.

That may be fine and dandy when you look back at the entire campaign but when it effect's the outcome of the biggest match of the season to date, well, that's another story.

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The margins when Chelsea and Manchester United meet are always gossamer fine and Sunday was no different which is why each and every decision is magnified a thousand times more than usual.

At 68, Sir Alex Ferguson's eyesight is as sharp as a laser beam. Those beams would have been boring into match referee Martin Atkinson at the end of this contest, as a couple of questionable calls didn't go the Scotsman's way.

"It was a bad decision, but what can you do? You lose faith in the refereeing sometimes. That's the way the players are talking in there. It was a bad one. That goal should not have been allowed. We've dominated the game and had great chances to win the match," he fumed afterwards as Stamford Bridge rocked in delight as the Blues took all three points.

I could see his frustrations with the Wayne Rooney offside call. It was desperately tight, but who knows if the United striker would've finished the chance?

The real game-changer was Atkinson not whistling for the pull down by John Terry on Luis Antonio Valencia. If it's a penalty, Terry is on a yellow for 75-odd minutes and United have the opportunity to score from the spot.

The complaint that Darren Fletcher didn't foul Ashley Cole on the free-kick that led to the Chelsea goal is legitimate but in all fairness there was a stonewall penalty for the Blues only minutes earlier.

How Atkinson overlooked Jonny Evans as he almost put his foot through Didier Drogba's chest was unbelievable?