AW wants tougher racism stance

BY foxsports • November 18, 2011

FIFA president Sepp Blatter apologised for his comments regarding racism in football on Friday morning. The 75-year-old had said in interviews earlier this week that incidents of racist abuse on the pitch could be settled by a handshake between the players concerned at the end of a match. His comments drew strong criticism from people within the British game and in UK politics. However, on Friday in an interview with the BBC, he has apologised for any offence his remarks caused. Gunners boss Wenger maintains any form of discrimination must be stamped out. He said: "I am against any discrimination. I am for zero tolerance, on the pitch and off the pitch, in the stands, where there is still a lot of work to do in England on that front." Wenger added: "Racist comments are unacceptable and any discrimination is unacceptable. Sport has a fantastic chance and a fantastic opportunity. "Football is a worldwide sport watched all over the world and we have a massive responsibility in that. "I believe there is still sometimes bad remarks, but overall in my sport there is no deep racial problem." Frenchman Wenger believes while sport is moving in the right direction, wider society still has work to do. He said: "Football gives you one chance and it is because you are selected on merit and it is easy to identify the merit. In normal society, the problem is much deeper. "If you are a good player, you play. No matter where you come from. It is not always true in a normal society, but in sport it is easy to identify how good you are. "That is why sport can be an example for society." Wenger's Manchester City counterpart Roberto Mancini added: "There is racism in football, like there is in life. It is good that people are making an issue of it. Racism is a bad thing in the world."

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