Arsenal fans hang massive banner honoring Alexis and his two pups

Arsenal fans hang massive banner honoring Alexis and his two pups

Published Jan. 20, 2017 12:52 p.m. ET

Alexis Sanchez is a massive star, but his two pups aren't far behind on the celebrity scale. Atom and Humber, Sanchez's two adorable dogs have already worked their way into the hearts of Arsenal (and other dog-loving) fans. Aside from having their own Instagram, courtesy of Sanchez, now they're going to be honored at the Gunners' iconic stadium.

REDaction Gooners, a group of fans "who work to improve the atmosphere in the stadium," hatched an idea of a massive scale. Fans often hang banners all around stadiums at soccer matches. Why not craft one that pays tribute not only to Sanchez, but to his beloved furbabies?

A lot of Arsenal fans hated the idea. But the REDaction Gooners apparently didn't let the opinions of a few dour, humorless stiffs ruin a good time. With the help of some crowdfunding, the group financed not just one, but two banners featuring Atom and Humber.

Good boys, indeed! And lest you join the faction of sullen naysayers that thinks it's a disgrace, I invite you to meet Atom and Humber.

How can anyone say "no" to those faces? Sanchez might not be on the best of terms with Arsenal fans amid his contract negotiations, but is a banner really the hill they want to die while defending? If it's the worst thing in the world, just don't look at it.

Furthermore, not as though it will play a huge part in Sanchez's decision to either stay or go, he loves the hell out of these dogs. A tongue-in-cheek banner showing them some love from the fans certainly can't hurt those proceedings.

The Gunners return to the Emirates to host Burnley on Jan. 22. We'll see if the banner makes its debut!

UPDATE: It looks like they did it!



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