Young fan compares Richard Sherman to Wreck-It Ralph

January 24, 2014

Kids can sometimes be the wisest among us.

While the rest of the media world tripped over themselves to blow hot air regarding Richard Sherman and his now infamous postgame rant after the NFC championship game, one young man found the truth.

A boy named Nikolas wrote a letter to his hero (Sherman), and compared him to the cartoon character "Wreck-It Ralph."

In case you can't read the letter, here are the highlights:


"Richard Sherman reminds me of Wreck It Ralph because people think they are both bad [guys]...but they are both really [good] guys. They are both nice...and really smart. Richard [Sherman] is smart...he went to a good [school] and studies football...Wreck It Ralph is smart...he saved Sugar Rush [and] saved the day...Richard Sherman is nice...[he] visits sick kids and is nice to [them]...Ralph is nice to Venelope."

In case you need to bone up one your Wreck-It Ralph knowledge, check out the trailer for the movie:

Nikolas closed the letter with this:

"Like they said in Ralph, just because [people] think you are a bad guy doesn'€™t mean you are a [bad guy]. I love Richard Sherman and Ralph."