Young Cowboys fans respond to Redskins' crier

BY foxsports • July 31, 2013

No one is really crying and everything is sunny in southern California at Dallas Cowboys training camp.

Last week, a Washington Redskins fan was devastated after she was unable to get any autographs from her favorite team at their camp.

In response to the YouTube video that went viral, three young Cowboys fans decided to show their "disappointment" after waiting to get autographs from "America's Team."

"We spent two and a half hours at the Dallas Cowboys training camp, and we only got everything," one of the boys says in the video.

But apparently everything wasn't enough.

One of the other boys was also "devastated" with his signed football.

"I have like 20 autographs, but there's still more space!"

Just to add a little more fuel to the NFC East rivalry, the cameraman concludes the video with a strong statement.

"And that's just one more reason why the Cowboys rule and the Redskins suck," he says.