You won’t believe this. Eagles security guards practice taking down streakers

Updated Mar. 5, 2020 12:00 a.m. EST

By Ross Jones, Streakers, beware: Security guards at Lincoln Financial Field are more prepared than ever if any of you carefree fans have the bright idea of interrupting action on Sundays. No, seriously. Stadium patrolmen practiced the operation Monday and a subsequent video appeared on YouTube. It’s still unknown how effective the tactic will be and if it will, ya know, make a difference. Although the fictitious streaker wasn’t taken to the ground, it was an impressive showing of gang tackling. If only the Eagles defense last season swarmed to the ball with such intensity, Juan Castillo and Andy Reid still might have a job. Although this is good for a laugh, it’s important to note that stadiums are taking extra precaution when it comes to fans wandering their way onto the field. The men at Candlestick needed some help last Sunday during the Vikings-49ers’ game. After three quarters of play, a couple of fans disrupted action by running on the field. Two of them were caught by the stadium police and the other, who broke free, was tackled by Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson on the sideline.

(h/t FTW)