Will Bucs' Greg Schiano ditch controversial defensive play?

BY foxsports • October 1, 2013

TAMPA, Fla. -- As drama continues to build around his team, coach Greg Schiano stands by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' kneel-down rush play.
The controversial strategy to try to blow up the victory formation was seen again in the Arizona Cardinals' 13-10 victory over the Bucs on Sunday at Raymond James Stadium.

Quarterback Carson Palmer lined up to take a knee with 48 seconds left, after the second of cornerback Patrick Peterson's two interceptions in the fourth quarter, and the Bucs' defensive line charged at him.
A postgame handshake between Schiano and Arizona coach Bruce Arians was curt, and sharp words were reportedly exchanged between Arians and a Tampa Bay defensive assistant.
"I examine every play, and our staff does every play, for its effectiveness," Schiano said. "We'll always examine each play -- should we still be running it? Should we not still be running it? ... I do leave it up to the players, because I'm not naïve that that's a controversial thing. But if our players feel we have a chance to win, they want to win. Last time I checked, that's what we’re getting paid to do -- go win. We'll play 60 minutes, and it's an organized play. People know it's coming, and that was really the gist of it."
On Monday, Arians addressed the strategy.
"That's their style," Arians told reporters. "I have no comment on it."

The play drew ire last season, most visibly after the tactic was used in a loss to the New York Giants in Week 2 at MetLife Stadium. Giants coach Tom Coughlin met Schiano near midfield after the game and appeared visibly upset.
On Tuesday, Schiano said he would consider abandoning the play if enough defensive players suggested it. He used the play at Rutgers and forced two victory formation fumbles in 11 years, but it has failed to produce a turnover so far during his time in the NFL.
"As long as it's not one guy, it's the defense, sure," Schiano said.
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