Westbrook channels inner Beyonce with leather outfit

BY foxsports • April 24, 2013

A few days after getting hammered online for his sleeveless sweater outfit he sported for the press conference after Game 1 of Oklahoma City's first-round series against Houston, Thunder star Russell Westbrook came back bigger and bolder for his attire after Game 2.

And he came with sleeves . . . long, black leather sleeves.

In an outfit that only the Oklahoma City guard can wear, Westbrook continued his fashion assault on the NBA — and our eyes — by wearing a long-sleeved, black leather button-down dress shirt and matching black slacks.

Of course, the shirt was accompanied with matching lens-free, black-rim glasses.

Kevin Durant recently stated that his nickname for Westbrook was "Sasha Fierce," and if you remember, Beyonce's outfit for the Super Bowl halftime show this year was an amazing black leather outfit.

So, Durant's nickname might not be that far off.

Durant, flashed his own style at the presser, arriving in a short-sleeve grey hoodie.

Where would one buy a short-sleeved hooded sweatshirt? Nobody really knows. And don't even start thinking about what situation you might wear a short-sleeved hooded sweatshirt, because you won't come up with one.

Some might have thought Westbrook, who was named one of the sports world's most fashionable athletes by GQ Magazine, was too casual after Game 1, where his black hoodie with no sleeves and gold chain was mocked online.

Good to see he brought some class with the dress shirt tonight. We can't wait to see what he wears in Houston after Game 3.

Here's hoping it includes a space helmet of some kind.

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