Weather Channel reporter finishes photobomber with devastating nutshot

Weather Channel reporter finishes photobomber with devastating nutshot

Published Jan. 29, 2014 12:10 p.m. ET

This isn't really MMA-related at all, but in the long history of brash people photobombing news reports, it'€™s pretty hilarious to see an anchor actually fight back for once.

Jim "Cloudy With A Chance Of Fisticuffs"€ Cantore (nickname pending approval) was reporting on Winter Storm Leon in Charleston, South Carolina for The Weather Channel yesterday when an anonymous, brash young punk attempted to photobomb his segment, charging at the camera full speed and hollering like he was about to self-detonate. Being that Cantore spends his days bare-knuckle boxing typhoons and his nights arm-wrestling hailstorms (unconfirmed), he figured the best way to counter the bullrushing college student would be a swift knee to the groin. SO THAT'S WHAT HE DID.

While we probably shouldn'€™t be shocked that most photobombers are complete cowards, the kid€™'s non reaction to the nutshot was off-putting to say the least.

The lesson, kids: Don'€™t photobomb Jim Cantore.


Better yet, don'€™t photobomb weather reporters at all. These are people whose jobs require them to stand knee-deep in the snow to inform you that, yes, the snow is knee-deep outside. They are barometers with mouths, essentially, who spend their days battling tornado winds and sideways rain in order to spout off information that anyone could learn by looking out a window. So if you must continue to sour their already meager existence, at least do something awesome like this guy did.