Watch Josh Norman and Von Miller in Ushanka hats playing 'Doom' with Conan O'Brien

BY Brett Smiley • February 5, 2016

In a Super Bowl tradition unlike any other, Conan O'Brien recently joined defensive back Josh Norman of the Carolina Panthers and linebacker Von Miller of the Denver Broncos for some laughter and the video game "Doom."

Before dropping Russian Ushanka hats on their heads, Miller, a chicken farmer with poultry aspirations after his football days, shared a fun idea about his plans. "I want to have a live feed inside the cages where you see how happy my chickens are," Miller said.

Take note, reality show producers.

One of last year's "Clueless Gamer" participants, Marshawn Lynch, also appears for the gaming competition that's about as competitive as, say, the Pro Bowl. But the entertainment is top-notch.