Warriors owner, fiancée slept with, 'had fun with' NBA trophy

BY Jimmy Traina • November 4, 2015

What people do in their bedroom is their business, so we don't want to judge, but Warriors owner Joe Lacob might want to think twice about revealing all.

In a new interview with Haute Living magazine, Lacob talks about the night Golden State won the NBA title last June and what he did with the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

"I had made a promise to myself [that] I would sleep with the trophy that night," Lacob said. "Nicole [Curran's fiancée] and I did sleep with it."

Oh, Lacob had the NBA trophy in bed with him for a night? OK, that's strange, but maybe it was just off to the side of the bed and it's not completely weird since he was probably ecstatic over winning a championship a few hours earlier.

Oh, wait. There's more?

Unfortunately, yes.

Lacob also shared this tidbit about sleeping with the trophy.

"I'll leave it to the imagination. We had a lot of fun with it."


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