Von Miller got sick after eating movie theater mozzarella sticks

BY Jimmy Traina • January 15, 2016

Let's be clear about one thing: When you go to the movies, you should stick to popcorn or candy. Stay away from any prepared food for your own good.

Having said that, Broncos linebacker Von Miller isn't saying the mozzarella sticks he ate while seeing "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Tuesday night were necessarily bad. He's saying his body just wasn't ready for greasy food and that led to a bad reaction.  

Miller ended up missing practice on Wednesday because he had stomach issues after downing the fried treat the night before the theater. He was back on the field Thursday to get ready for Sunday's playoff game against the Steelers and managed to joke about his delicate tummy.

"The Force struck back," Miller said. "You can't put regular gas in a Ferrari. I learned my lesson."

Popcorn only, Von. Popcorn only.




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