Valorie Kondos Field, NCAA Champion UCLA gymnastics coach, shares motivational story

February 6, 2019

When Coach Valorie Kondos Field speaks, you listen. And boy, can she teach.

Miss Val, as she is loving referred to, is a 7x NCAA Champion coaching UCLA gymnastics, but her list of accomplishments run far beyond the gymnasium.

Kondos Field spent time with the LA84 Foundation Wednesday to celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day by sharing a variety of stories about coaching world class athletes, how to use different motivational tactics and how she approached her personal battle with breast cancer.

In addition to sharing her message to those involved with LA84, the Girl's ICEF Rugby team was in attendance. Coach spent time after her Q&A speaking with the girls individually and offering some advice as they continue to make their impact on the field.

Following the group presentation, Miss Val was gifted an original poster from the 1984 Olympic games hosted in LA.

In addition to being an accomplished coach and member of the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame, Miss Val is also an author of the book Life Is Short, Don't Wait To Dance. She held a book signing where she offered a free copy to each member of the team.

On September 20, 2018, she announced her retirement as the head coach of the Bruins gymnastics team, planning to leave after the conclusion of the 2019 season after a 28-year career.

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