Unsigned free agent jokes about career change

March 15, 2013

As an NFL player, Justin Durant has always had to work on Sundays.

Perhaps that explains why he'd consider Chick-fil-A for a possible career change.

Durant, a linebacker with the Detroit Lions the last two seasons, remained unsigned during the first three days of the NFL's free agency.

The quick-witted Durant hasn't lost his sense of humor, though. He tweeted a photo of a job-application form he started to fill out from a Chick-fil-A restaurant, which are known for being closed on Sundays to give employees a day of rest and/or worship.

The tweet read: "Rough outchea bruh."

Durant, one of Detroit's 23 unrestricted free agents entering the offseason, later added, "Couldn't even get a sammich jus asked for a cup of water and an application lol."

We assume Durant, 27, who made 103 tackles last season, will find a home to continue his football career in time. Probably sooner than later.

But if this goes on too much longer and you hear him muttering "My pleasure" to himself, it could be more serious than we think.

At least he'd finally get those Sundays off.