UCLA to open $35 million academic center for student-athletes

February 13, 2019

UCLA has announced plans for a $35 million academic center for its student-athletes.

The facility will be named after principal donor Mo Ostin, who has already committed $15 million for the project. It will be located near the J.D. Morgan Center, which hosts most of the coaches' offices for the university's 25 sports teams.

With Ostin's commitment in place, the UCLA Athletic Department is now launching a comprehensive $35,000,000 fundraising campaign in total to fund the new building, which will only be made possible through securing another $20,000,000 in private donations.

"UCLA has a deep commitment to academic success for all of our students, particularly those with demanding schedules, like our student-athletes," said UCLA Chancellor Gene Block. "Their dedication to success both on the field and in the classroom will only be enhanced by this new center. We remain grateful for Mo Ostin's wonderful support and our shared vision as UCLA begins its second century."


The facility will include both individual and group study spaces, individual and group tutorial areas, state-of-the-art technology labs, and offices for UCLA Athletics' Academic and Student Services staff situated over nearly 20,000 square feet of new space. Additionally, it will also include a new Hall of Champions entry display that will showcase the school's 116 NCAA championships.

There was no announcement Wednesday of when construction would begin.

Ostin's name is also on the Mo Ostin Basketball Center, which opened in 2017. He contributed $10 million for that project.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)