Tulane defeats Loyola Chicago 65-59

November 16, 2013

NEW ORLEANS, La. (AP) -- Jonathan Stark made 8 of 11 field goals for 25 points including the go-ahead 3-pointer with 1:41 to go in Tulane's 19-point second-half comeback, a 65-59 win over Loyola Chicago.

Louis Dabney tied the game at 55-55 with 2:39 to go on a three-pointer assisted by Stark. The Green Wave (3-0) continued with Stark's 3-pointer and a layup by Dabney. Dabney finished with 25 points and, together with Stark, scored 39 of the Green Wave's 46 second-half points.

The Ramblers (1-2) closed the lead to 60-57, but Tulane answered with a layup from Cameron Reynolds and three free-throws from Reynolds and Stark.

Loyola led 40-21 with 17:25 to go in the second half. This is the second game this year they've lost with a double-digit lead.

Christian Thomas led the Ramblers with 12 points on 6-of-11 shooting.