Top 5 in-season trades of all-time- Cincinnati Reds & Cleveland Indians

BY foxsports • July 19, 2013

The MLB trade deadline is rapidly approaching, which means it's time for everyone to stop, take a breath, and remember- rumors are just rumors.
What's more fun than speculating about trading away bench players and low-level prospects for Miguel Cabrera? Watching your team stand pat at the deadline and remind us all "some of the best trades are the ones you don't make". Right?
Alas, each of's 30 beat writers have been given the task of determining the 'top 5 in-season trades' for the team they cover.

 Remember Jeff Stevens? Didn't think so. Unless, of course, you know of him as the 'player to be named later' in the trade that brought Brandon Phillips to Cincinnati. Do you think it's safe to say the Reds' came out slightly ahead on that one?
Do you lie awake at night wondering what ever happened to Eduardo Perez? No. (At least we hope not.) That's because the Indians netted All-Star shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera, who ironically has become one of the most mentioned names in current trade rumors.
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