Tony Romo to be more involved in game-planning

BY foxsports • July 19, 2013

The last time Tony Romo publicly spoke to media members at Valley Ranch, he stopped short of saying he'd have more input on the team's offensive gameplan during the 2013 season.

Instead, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback said things like, "It's going to be a collective effort."

That was on June 11. A little over a month later, Romo has admitted to what Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been saying since April.

"I think here going forward, I'll just be more involved in game-planning," Romo told Peter Jackel of The Journal Times during a Tuesday phone interview. "There are certain things I really believe can help us that we're going to do some of that. It's a collective group effort and I think we're all going to go in there and go to work."

Jones said after the NFL Draft that Romo would be spending more time on the job as a part of his new six-year, $108 million contract extension. Jones' exact words were that Romo would be spending, "Peyton Manning-type time on the job."

Now, Romo confirming what Jones said is not really a surprise. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, who was initially reluctant to say Romo would have more input, finally came around on June 12 and said Romo would be more involved than he has been in the past.

During that June press conference, Garrett also pointed out that Romo had spent "a ton of time" this year, helping the coaching staff "put the whole installation plan together."

Garrett said that would continue during training camp and into the regular season, which includes on game day.

"We wanted to make a decision as an organization to get the most out of him," Garrett said, "to say, ‘Hey, we want more. You have done a great job up to this point. We want more. We know you want more.' And that has been a positive change."

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