The protective face mask: Who wore it better, LeBron James or Kyrie Irving?

BY Lindsey Foltin • February 27, 2014

LeBron James debuted his new mask during the Heat's game against the Knicks on Thursday night.

After Wednesday practice the NBA star had joked he was in talks with comic book companies to "come up with one of the greatest masks of all time" after James broke his nose during a win at Oklahoma City last Thursday.

You must admit, the black carbon fiber mask is definitely chic -- and it adds an intimidation factor.

Kyrie Irving is no stranger to face masks himself. The Cavaliers point guard was forced to wear the protective gear on two separate occasions, the first was in Dec. 2012 for a broken jaw and the second was a two-week period in Nov. 2013, for a broken nose. Irving joked that the mask earned him the nickname "The Dark Knight" and even gave his best Bane impression during a recent television appearance.

So now we must ask, who wore it best?

The two NBA stars have both been a topic of conversation in recent weeks, after Irving's All-Star performance received high praise from King James.

We can only imagine the intimidation factor if the pair took the court together, on the same team, while both wearing the creepy gear.

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