The Muni Lot could use better PR

BY foxsports • October 18, 2013

For a good dose of weirdness and football-related drunken frivolity, there's no denying that the Cleveland Municipal Parking Lot, aka, "The Muni" delivers on gamedays. Unfortunately, a lot of fun and good spirits have been marred in the past by negative stories, such as an eight-year-old Jets fan supposedly being tackled after a Browns loss. 

This is the case again today due to what the UK's Mail Online calls a "shocking" photograph taken in the Muni Lot, which has gone viral. 

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I'm going to tell you a story about something that happened to , er, a friend, when he was much younger. This friend had a habit of watching Ohio State games every Saturday and would occasionally tip back a can of beer while doing so. 

One time, he got up to go into the kitchen and came back to find his toddler daughter looking much like the photo in the picture. Exactly like the picture, in fact. After nearly dying of a heart attack, my friend discovered that his daughter was holding up a closed beer can and was just imitating Daddy. Many relieved guffaws were had. 

If I had to hazard a guess, we have something similar here. The youngster is standing right next to an open box of Bud Light cans, and has probably reached in and pulled out a full can of beer, and was miming his Dad. We don't see any beer actually coming out, and beer is not a taste most toddlers would hasten to seek out.

So, I'm not saying that the Daily Mail which called it "shocking" or Deadspin and Busted Coverage which used it for jokes are, you know, wrong. But they probably are. 

A Facebook message to the photographer was not immediately returned, so we have no confirmation. 

For what it's worth, I've also heard accounts that the "tackled" eight-year-old was the victim of a very drunken fan falling into the kid, and not someone trying to hurt him deliberately. As with the "shocking" photo, one version of the story is jaw-dropping and media-friendly, and that's what propagates, regardless of whether or not that version is questioned.  

In any event, the Muni could probably use some better PR than it's getting.

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