Texas A&M president dances "Aggie Style"

BY foxsports • September 25, 2012

First off, this song is a musical travesty. 

The entire "Gangnam Style" movement is yet another depressing reality of the power of social media -- what starts as joke now ends up trending on social media sites. 
It's a Six Flags theme song wrapped inside an false idea of dance art. Unless surrounded by flashing lights and utter confusion, it is useless.
None of those were present at Kyle Field last Friday.

That being said,  the actions of R. Bowen Loftin at a recent Texas A&M "Midnight Yell" were admirable in principle.

The university's president took matters into his own hands at the weekly gathering, tightening his iconic bowtie before, as he said, did "a little Aggie Style."

What then transpires in the video is a combination of mayhem and a-hem, of inspired students and embarrassed family members. That is the ultimate product of "Aggie style," a dance that has to be seen in front of thousands of college undergrads and those strange Yell Leaders to be appreciated.

We can only hope President Loftin has put this movement to rest once and for all.