Terrell Suggs Proclaims Ravens Bandwagon Full: Go Bet on 49ers

BY foxsports • January 22, 2013

Can't decide which team to root for in the upcoming Super Bowl? Maybe you have no allegiance to either city, maybe your starting fantasy running backs were Ray Rice and Frank Gore, or maybe grandpa Harbaugh screwed your grandpa in a business deal. Whatever the reason for your lack of allegiance, Terrell Suggs may have made your choice much easier. According to Sporting News Suggs claims that the Baltimore Ravens bandwagon is full. There is no more room for 'haters' to come around and start believing in the Ravens. Suggs proclaimed the bandwagon was full after a convincing win in Foxborough over the favored New England Patriots. Getting picked to lose so consistently must have gotten to Suggs, who could be heard yelling in the locker room about people picking the Patriots to win. After the win, Suggs had no interest in gaining new supporters, and even took the situation one step further and invited folks to "come out in two weeks and bet against us." Clearly, if you were not with them by now, the Baltimore Ravens are not looking for your support With the San Francisco 49ers favored to win, Suggs will be playing with a chip on his shoulder come Super Bowl Sunday. If you have not been supporting the Ravens until this points, Suggs suggests you put your betting chip on the 49ers, and let the chips fall where they may. [SportingNews.com]

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