Terrell Suggs feels Roger Goodell was behind Super Bowl blackout

BY foxsports • October 1, 2013

By Sid Saraf, FOXSports.com We all love a good conspiracy theory. Terrell Suggs has given us a doozy. Most of us watching the Ravens' Super Bowl win saw the power go out, shrugged and said "well, s*&^% happens." However, the veteran linebacker felt something sinister was afoot. "I was like Vegas, parlor tricks, you know what I mean? I was like, ahh, Roger Goodell, he never stops, he always has something up his sleeve," Suggs said in an ESPN interview. "He just couldn’t let us have this one in a landslide huh?" So, he's saying the Commissioner of the National Football League, one the higher-paid executives in the nation, decided to take a ridiculous risk and force a power outage? Please, continue!

“I thought he had a hand in it. Most definitely, he had a hand in it," Suggs said. Well, there's no ambiguity there. But what makes Suggs feel this way? Why would he accuse Mr. Goodell of such malfeasance? To find out, you'll have to go back further in last season's playoffs. Specifically, the Ravens' divisional round win over Denver. "We walk out of the Denver game, and linebackers are warming up on their sideline, and who do we see talking with John Elway, and it’s like hmmm. I thought, your commissioner is supposed to be neutral," Suggs said. "He ain’t supposed to be on one side or the other, he’s supposed to be in the box. I saw him on their sideline and I was like, huh, I know who he’s going for. I think he definitely has his favorites."

Wait, is Goodell not allowed to talk to John Elway at all? What if they're friends? Just because people are sharing a knock-knock joke before a game doesn't mean they're plotting to take over the world, right? How does Terrell know that Roger didn't exchange pleasantries with Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti as well? Suggs isn't done. “He’ll deny it but, like I said when I run out of the tunnel, and the first thing I see is John Elway laughing it up, I’m definitely going to feel some way about that. "You’re the commissioner of this league and you’re supposed to make sure everything is being played on an even playing field. I definitely don’t think he’s doing a good job, and I don’t think he should be making 10 million a year. That’s just my personal opinion." OK, well. I think we're done here. Mr. Suggs, we thank you for your theory. And just know this: The truth is out there.

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