Table tennis player's incredible under-the-net shot left his opponent in stunned disbelief

BY Andrew Lynch • June 21, 2016

It's not very often that you leave an opponent completely stunned in disbelief. And it's not very often that we have reason to cover a table tennis match.

But with this absurd under-the-net shot by at the ITTF World Tour Japan Open, Fan Zhendong just became one of our favorite athletes in the world, regardless of sport.

The call of, "No! That is insane!" from the commentator is pretty spot-on, and so is the reaction from Simon Gauzy:

Now, we know what you're wondering if you didn't watch the entire video above -- and no, Zhendong didn't serve with his face. It just looks like it from the reverse angle:

Table tennis is slated to once again be part of the Summer Olympics in 2016, which means the world's best in the event will be gathered in Rio in just a few short weeks. Unfortuantely for them, it's going to be tough to beat this shot from Zhendong -- although a gold medal could be a pretty cool consolation prize.