Steelers reportedly ban Mitchell from Twitter after exchange with fans

BY Sid Saraf • November 18, 2014

Another NFL player took the bait.

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell has been banned from using Twitter by the organization after an ugly exchange with some fans via direct message, CBS Pittsburgh reports. Mitchell was on social media following his team's 27-24 victory over the Tennessee Titans on Monday night.

While the messages he sent were private, they apparently all got out. In the messages, Mitchell reportedly got into it with one fan, saying, "Lol I'll do no such thing. You on the other hand kill yourself." He then reportedly went on to call another person a "moron" and told him to "die broke." Then, he reportedly referred to someone else as "trash." All in all, he had quite a busy night.

He did send out one public message:

A source told CBS Pittsburgh the Steelers have asked Mitchell to stay off social media indefinitely. Probably a smart move. Mitchell can't let the fans get under his skin like that, as difficult as it may be.

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