StaTuesday: Karl-Anthony Towns developing into versatile big man

January 24, 2017

Karl-Anthony Towns is among the NBA's best front-court players after posting another 30/10/5 game.

Karl-Anthony Towns has to wait until Thursday to find out if he’s headed to the NBA All-Star Game, but regardless of his popularity it’s clear the Minnesota Timberwolves star is evolving into one of the NBA’s most versatile young big men.

Towns is the first second-year player since LeBron James to post at least three games of 30 points, 10 rebounds and five assists in a season, and just the second player since 1998 to do so.

He joins a list that also includes Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal.

Player Season Games MPG PPG RPG APG
Karl-Anthony Towns 2016-17 3 41.2 36.7 13.3 5.7
LeBron James 2004-05 7 47.4 39.4 10.6 7.0
Antoine Walker 1997-98 5 45.2 32.6 12.2 5.4
Grant Hill 1995-96 4 40.8 32.5 11.8 7.3
Shaquille O'Neal 1993-94 4 43.8 34.8 13.3 5.3
Charles Barkley 1985-86 5 38.6 30.6 15.6 5.2

Towns has outscored both so far in such games, and is averaging 36.7 points, 13.3 rebounds and 5.7 assists when crossing the 30/10/5 threshold.

With 38 games to go in the regular season Towns is on pace to challenge James’ sophomore mark after posting back-to-back 30/10/5 games in wins over the Denver Nuggets and L.A. Clippers.

His two-game surge was a Wolves milestone as well.

He's just the second player in franchise history to post consecutive 30/12/5 games, joining former Wolves superstar Kevin Garnett, who did it twice.

Player Streak
Kevin Garnett Feb. 1-3, 2004
Kevin Garnett March 18-20, 2005
Karl-Anthony Towns Jan. 19-22, 2017

Towns is tied for third in the NBA this season in 30/10/5 games, and is one of just 15 players to record at least one.

Player Pos Count
Russell Westbrook G 18
James Harden G 6
DeMarcus Cousins C 3
Karl-Anthony Towns F 3
Giannis Antetokounmpo F 2
Carmelo Anthony F 2
Jimmy Butler G 2
LeBron James F 2
Anthony Davis F 1
DeMar DeRozan G 1
Kevin Durant F 1
Nikola Jokic C 1
Derrick Rose G 1
Kemba Walker G 1
John Wall G 1

He has a ways to go to catch Anthony Davis or DeMarcus Cousins, but Towns is rapidly becoming one of the NBA’s top scoring big men.

He’s outpacing friend and draft-day rival Kristaps Porzingis with seven 30-point games on the season, and ranks a distant third behind Davis and Cousins.

Player Pos Count
Anthony Davis F 20
DeMarcus Cousins C 18
Karl-Anthony Towns F 7
Marc Gasol C 3
Brook Lopez C 3
Kristaps Porzingis F 3
Nikola Jokic C 2
Hassan Whiteside C 2
LaMarcus Aldridge F 1
Joel Embiid C 1
Dwight Howard C 1
Serge Ibaka F 1
Myles Turner F 1
Jonas Valanciunas C 1
Nikola Vucevic C 1

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