Someone keeps pranking Webb Simpson at the U.S. Open

BY Phil Kropoth • June 19, 2015

Someone is pranking Webb Simpson at the U.S. Open, and they're doing it 100 percent the right way.

According to Simpson, he's been greeted with a different name on his locker each day he shows up at Chambers Bay. And the culprit isn't just taking a piece of tape and scrawling something clever on it with a Sharpie. No, she or he is putting up a brand-new, shiny placard each time.

On Tuesday, there was a shout-out to two-time NBA champ LeBron James:

On Wednesday, a nod to gravity-defying former hoops star Spud Webb:

For Thursday, a famous children's book:

And Friday, a mashup with undefeated boxing champ Floyd 'Money' Mayweather:

Saturday's nameplate went into cyberspace:

And Sunday's strong finish was downright money:

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