Sheldon Richardson celebrates as Fred Jackson runs by him

BY foxsports • September 22, 2013

By Sid Saraf, Sheldon Richardson is still a rookie, so he might get a pass for this. The Jets, locked in a tough battle against the visiting Bills on Sunday, seemed to have locked down Buffalo running back on a play in the first half. Wrong. Jackson didn't just go down and instead bounced the carry to the outside and got upfield. Richardson (No. 91), however, thought the play was over and was busy celebrating what he thought was a great defensive effort. It must have been quite a shock for him to see Jackson streaking by. Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie eventually chased down Jackson after a gain of 59 yards. Embarrassing. Sheldon, let that be a lesson to you. Don't celebrate until you hear a whistle, OK? Questions? Comments? Send them to and we might respond in our weekly mailbag!

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