Santa Keating's holiday wish list

December 13, 2012

At this, our favorite time of year,
There are things we know could bring great cheer.
And so, here’s a list of Christmas wishes,
Not toys or cars or food, delicious.
These gifts, we think will keep on giving,
Providing dreams that we'd keep reliving.
The first, of course, is the obvious one.
For the love of God, just get it done.
A hockey deal that sticks this time.
It’s happened again- a capital crime.  
Another lost season?  We’re through it once more?
But with these two groups, it seems a chore…
To get along and keep things churning,
Instead we get those faces burning.
And the storied Joe, is once more iceless
And staggered looks are once more priceless.
For the Lions, just a little streak,
To end the season, and return to chic.
They’re far from that.  It’s been a tumble.
From what was planned, a collective stumble
And with as much news off the field.
As on and thus, their fate was sealed.
From playoff in, to playoff out.
And so begins a new playoff drought.
For the Pistons, it’s been droughts combined.
No real chance since spring of ‘9.
Our wish for them is a scorers chorus
For smiles to the face of Gores.
A roster that is older, deeper
A talent level that is a keeper.
And until then, spackle filling crannies
Palace gatherings to have more fannies.
For Tiger fans, it’s a simple plea,
Acknowledging you can’t change history.
But as in life, and in this rhyming
Success is always tied to timing.
A season with more ups than downs
Was allowing thoughts of shiny crowns.
But there’s something weird about such scripts
It’s happened now in two straight trips.
A vacation break before the Series
And the team was hit with hitting blearies.
And who in the world is Kung Fu Panda?
“It’s a rhetorical question, I’m asking, Santa”
An early gift was Hunter, Torii
A step toward reaching elusive glory.
And if we’re allowed a stocking stuffer,
A bullpen arm, a little buffer
Would come in handy this Christmas season
Since Papa Grande left for a reason.
“I seeya” and “that guy’s country strong”
Will be upon us before too long.
For Rod and Mario, we wish good pipes
And George and Greg, the hooping types,
We wish their travels all are even
As they preach “just keep believin’”.
For Ken and Mick and Murph and Darren,
A hockey season less than barren.
A chance to view guys back on skates
To the great delight of their own mates.
Time for a break from your own spouse,
“Get that puck-er out of the house”.
She will gently say without a zing,
“There can be too much of anything”
We wish for you, who watch and cheer
Good health to you and yours next year.
And if I’m allowed a wish for me,
Well, a busy year on TMZ
And finding a bit less despair
On smaller patches of my hair.  
Smiles, hugs and a Merry Christmas to all…