Russell Wilson wants to be 'an owner of a team someday'

BY Sid Saraf • February 26, 2014

This makes sense.

Russell Wilson has shot up the ladder of success in his young life, defying the odds to lead the Seattle Seahawks to a Super Bowl victory in just his second professional season. What's more, he looks great in a suit. So why not put that suit to good use?

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Wilson let us in on his plans after football.

"I want to be an owner of a team one day, whether it's baseball or football," Wilson said. "Maybe even both."

That sounds about right. Wilson is already a force in the football world and he's begun dipping his feet into baseball as he plans to attend Texas Rangers spring training this year.

"For me, I'd love to get around to as many people as I can," Wilson went on. "Because at the end of the day, I want to learn as much as I can so that way, in my future -- down the road after playing 20 years hopefully for the Seahawks -- I can do that."

"The biggest thing is networking, first of all, and doing your job well. Whenever you do something, do it the best that you possibly can and produce all the time -- whether it's playing football or communicating."

Team ownership is well and good, but why stop there? Why not "President Wilson" one day?

Think about it.

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