Romo explains final play in Sunday's game

Published Oct. 18, 2012 2:07 p.m. ET

Tony Romo isn't the type of quarterback to call out his teammates, even if he thought they did something incorrectly.

Following what was the final offensive play the Cowboys ran Sunday in Baltimore, wide receivers Kevin Ogletree and Miles Austin jogged back to the line of scrimmage despite a running clock, likely costing their team an extra play that could've improved the distance on Dan Bailey's attempt at a game-winning field goal.

Romo was asked about the play Wednesday during a conference call with media members in North Carolina. As expected, Romo didn't call out Ogletree or Austin for not showing a sense of urgency.

"We just had guys that were 30 yards down field. In that position, sometimes you look at if you throw one of those guys the ball and they catch it, they're down the field and it's a different situation all together," Romo explained. "It comes up a lot of different ways. You just have to be prepared for the 90 different ways that they can come up at the end. That's just something you talk about constantly so you can always get better as a team and improve. … You'd love not to have a completion that only gets a yard but there are also plays that you like in that situation.

"We look back, we just had guys down the field that needed to get back in the huddle that had a long way to go, and we'll look at that."

The Cowboys were forced to call a timeout and send Bailey out for a 51-yard try that he missed to the left, resulting in a 31-29 Ravens victory.