Robitaille to present Cup ring to Hall of Fame

March 26, 2013

Today, the White House. Tomorrow, the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. It’s an interesting itinerary that Luc Robitaille is following this week, and here’s the rundown.

On Tuesday, Robitaille, the Kings’ president of business operations, accompanied the team to Washington, D.C., to join MLS champion the Galaxy in being honored by President Obama for winning their league titles.

On Wednesday, Robitaille is scheduled to be in Toronto to present a 2012 Stanley Cup ring to the Hall of Fame to be included in a special Stanley Cup display.

The ring, donated by the Kings’ organization, will be displayed alongside several other Cup rings. According to the Hall of Fame, the other to be displayed are the first Cup ring, from 1893, that belonged to Billy Barlow; the 1961 Chicago Blackhawks ring belonging to Bill Hay, the chairman of the Hall of Fame; the 1989 Calgary ring given to Daryl "Doc" Seaman and the 1991 ring given to Pittsburgh Coach Bob Johnson.

Also to be on display are rings won by the previous five Cup winners: the Ducks (2007), Detroit Red Wings (2008), Pittsburgh Penguins (2009), Blackhawks (2010) and Boston Bruins (2011).

The presentation will be followed by a discussion of the history of Stanley Cup rings, led by Hall of Fame curator Phil Pritchard. Also scheduled to take part are Hay and Pat Quinn, co-chair of the Hall of Fame selection committee, as well as Kings executive Kelly Cheeseman.

-Helene Elliott