Rob Manfred's uncommon sense (Part 1)

BY foxsports • February 9, 2015

I suppose that Rob Manfred's loose lips about sinking infield shifts will, for a while longer anyway, be all that people think about. But otherwise the guy's been making an awful lot of sense. Just one of the recent examples:

"I think it is unfair for people to surmise that Player A did X, Y or Z, absent a positive test, or proof that we produced in an investigation, or whatever. I just think it runs contrary to a very fundamental notion in our society, that you'™re innocent until somebody proves you guilty," said Manfred, who succeeded Bud Selig as MLB commissioner last month.


"œThe guys I'm concerned about are, there are players out there who are talked about where there is literally nothing," Manfred told ESPN. "They have nothing, other than, you know, '˜He looked like X.'™ Trust me, from somebody who spent a lot of time (investigating), you can’t decide whether or not somebody was using steroids, based on what they look like. That is not enough evidence to make that determination."

Wait one New York minute. You mean you can't look into a player's soul just by looking at his muscles?

If true, we'll have to reëvaluate our entire belief system!

No, I kid the baseball writers because I love them. And with the exception of Mike Piazza and (arguably) Jeff Bagwell, the Hall of Fame voters don't seem to have seriously penalized many serious candidates who aren't tied to sports drugs in some explicit way. 

I guess what's annoying, sometimes, is the seeming all-knowingness of some of these guys, when really there's just so much we don't know, and probably won't ever.

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