Report: Prep coach handcuffed after fight

Report: Prep coach handcuffed after fight

Published Feb. 2, 2011 12:00 a.m. ET

A Brooklyn, N.Y., high school basketball coach was handcuffed and issued a summons after scuffling with a school-safety agent prior to a big game, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

Jeff Wiggins, 41, an assistant coach at Boys and Girls High School, said he was trying to bring his freezing players in from the nasty weather Tuesday when he exchanged words with the agent in front of the Long Island University gymnasium in downtown Brooklyn.

Wiggins said the agent refused to let his team inside the lobby after they waited for an hour in the cold before playing rival Lincoln High School. He was then handcuffed after the argument became physical.

"It was uncalled for, what happened," said Wiggins, who was issued a summons and told to leave.


"If  . . . you know the team is coming, how do you have them stand outside for an hour?" said head coach Ruth Lovelace, whose squad lost 61-56.

The Department of Education said it would investigate.

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