Redskins fan sets fire to his gear and vows to do 'anything else' but watch team

BY foxsports • November 18, 2014

The burning-of-the-jersey protest has become a bit cliched in The YouTube Era but once in a while we see an entertaining video like this one from a broken Washington Redskins fan who adhered to some moral code (he wouldn't burn a gift) during the sacrifice -- an act he said he resorted to instead of pounding a fifth of Jack Daniels. It may have helped to do both, though not at the same time.  

After their latest loss on Sunday that dropped the team to 3-7, Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III tried to take blame but maybe also threw his teammates under the bus. Then head coach Jay Gruden put Griffin in his place. Meawhile the franchise remains a hot mess.

Fans like Steve Taylor have had enough. Taylor told the DC Sports Bog:

Last, here's the ceremonial burning, in which Taylor vows to play golf, hang out with his dog, get in shape, ANYTHING BESIDES REDSKINS FOOTBALL.

We suggest that Taylor take up some historical fiction reading. Maybe start out at @RedskinsFacts.

[H/T DC Sports Bog]