Rams players must always be ready for 'Smack Cam'

BY foxsports • July 31, 2013

ST. LOUIS -- What do the St. Louis Rams get when they mix modern social media with the oldest joke in the book?

Smack Cam.

A pie in the face has been a source of guffaws, chuckles and rolled eyes since, well, our ancestors wrote on cave walls, probably. (Rumor has it, Thomas Jefferson nailed George Washington shortly after his inauguration, and George was pissed.)

Never gets old, right? Members of the Rams' defense certainly think not.

The rules seem simple enough. First, find a target. Next, drill them in the face with a plate full of whipped cream. Then laugh hysterically.

Cornerback Trumaine Johnson has developed a series of Smack Cam highlights on his Vine account and appears to be a key player in the locker room shenanigans, capturing a series of facials by teammates including Cortland Finnegan and Chris Long.

So maybe Finnegan and Long aren't exactly Laurel and Hardy, but as the Smack Cam moments below depict, they deliver the goods.

(The un-mute button is in the upper left corner of each video.)