Packers still set the clock for Lombardi Time

December 9, 2012

GREEN BAY, Wis. — From 1959-67, Packers coach Vince Lombardi operated 15 minutes ahead of schedule, and it worked out pretty well. As the future Pro Football Hall of Famer rose to legendary status, running 15 minutes early became affectionately known as Lombardi Time around Green Bay.

During Sunday night's NBC telecast of the Lions-Packers game, sideline reporter Michele Tafoya revealed that Lombardi Time still rules the day in one part of Lambeau Field.
On July 20, a new clock facing Lombardi Avenue on the north side of Lambeau (pictured) was set to 15 minutes ahead of the actual time. According to Tafoya, team president and CEO Mark Murphy said almost no one has noticed the clock seemed to be running a little fast. So checked with the Packers during the game Sunday night and got this statement from Murphy:

"We felt it was a unique and fitting tribute to Coach Lombardi," Murphy said -- and obviously one that will be noticed a bit more frequently by folks coming in and out of the stadium now that the story has been told on national television.

Lombardi, who coached the Packers in their Super Bowl I and II victories, also has a statue that debuted in 2003 outside of Lambeau Field.

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