Packers' burger competition for charity gets spicy

BY foxsports • July 30, 2013

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Consider it a friendly competition for a good cause, albeit one that would cancel out any diet plans.
Six members of the Green Bay Packers, including quarterback Aaron Rodgers, outside linebacker Clay Matthews and head coach Mike McCarthy, all designed their own burgers for a contest that will benefit charity.
For one week each between now and Sept. 7, one of the Packers' specialty burgers will be featured at the Lambeau Field restaurant Curly's Pub.
McCarthy's, named the "Mac Attack Burger" is up first, and it features a 1/2-pound beef patty with pepperoni, pepper jack cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapeno, mayonnaise, spicy mustard and french fries.
"Eat as many as you can," McCarthy said Tuesday after practice. "I'm competing with a competitive group of guys. I had a little input from my family on the 'Mac Attack' hamburger. It's an eclectic approach to a hamburger. I ate one. I thought it was excellent. I highly recommend it. A little french fries to show the Pittsburgh thing."
McCarthy is originally from Pittsburgh.
The Green Bay players involved weren't going to let their coach be the only one to publicly boast about their burger creation.
Wide receiver Jordy Nelson thought his burger was definitely superior to McCarthy's.
"That might be too much; You won't even be able to enjoy it," Nelson said of McCarthy's burger. "Mine will have some brisket on it, some barbecue sauce, cheese. It somewhat resembles a burger that we have at a restaurant back home (in Kansas). It'll be a mouthful, a lot of flavor, kind of sloppy. Hopefully they really cover it with the barbecue sauce.
"You have to make a little bit of a mess."
Nelson's less creatively-named "Jordy Nelson Burger" will be the third one up, being featured Aug. 10-16.
Wide receiver Randall Cobb is involved as well, and his isn't a traditional burger at all.
"There's corn on it," Cobb said. "It makes the burger better. Barbecue sauce, cheese, corn and lettuce, with sweet potato fries on the side. Obviously, corn isn't supposed to be on a burger. But if you've ever been to a cookout, you have burgers, you have corn on the cob. Sometimes you may take a bite of corn on the cob between the burger.
"I think the corn on the burger is going to be a hit."
Cobb's is appropriately named the "Corn on the Cobb Burger" and it will be featured fourth, from Aug. 17-23.
Defensive lineman Ryan Pickett's "Big Grease Burger" is from Aug. 3-9, Rodgers' "Aaron Rodgers Burger" -- which has fried onion rings and avocado -- is from Aug. 24-29 and Matthews' "ClayMaker" burger -- with a fried egg and bacon on it -- is Aug. 30 - Sept. 7.
All the burgers are priced at $15 and come with a limited edition photo of the player who created that week's masterpiece. Ten percent of the proceeds from each player's burger is donated to a charity of their choice. Whichever burger sells out first, that player (or coach) will have an additional donation made to their charity.
McCarthy's charity is The Mike McCarthy Family Foundation, Pickett's is The Ryan Pickett Foundation, Nelson's is Young Life Green Bay, Matthews' is The CM3 Charitable Fund, Rodgers' is The MACC Fund and Cobb's is Helping Hands.
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