No clock ticking for Saints QB Drew Brees

BY foxsports • July 25, 2013

Even though Saints quarterback Drew Brees turns 35 later this season in January, he says he's feeling no pressure from a ticking clock.

"35 is the new 25. I'm still at the stage in my life where I feel like I could play forever," Brees told a packed room of media on hand for the opening of Saints Training Camp.

Brees, however, will admit he might not spring out of bed tomorrow for the team's first practice after taking the Saints' conditioning test today.

"It was like a ten minute wrestling match," Brees smiled.

Several players described the test as a "beast." It included several CrossFit elements, Coach Sean Payton's newest favorite physical activity.  

In addition to running, players had to do several rounds of power cleans, burpees and air squats.

Brees wouldn't reveal how any particular player did on the test.

He would say, in regards to his brotherly rivalry with tight end Jimmy Graham,"Somebody's time was better than someone else. You can ask him."