NFL Overreactions: Romo will leave the booth, save Packers

October 17, 2017

Tony Romo will rescue the cheeseheads.

Soon after Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone , Romo's name was mentioned as a potential replacement for the injured Green Bay Packers quarterback.

Romo even hinted he may not stay retired Thursday night during the broadcast for the Eagles-Panthers game. Surely, he'd jump at a chance to leave his cushy job in the booth to return to the NFL and play in his home state.

The Packers (4-2) may be without Rodgers for the rest of the season. If so, they're finished. But Romo could jump right in and lead them to the Super Bowl, right?

The same Romo who hasn't thrown a pass since New Year's Day? The one who last started a regular-season game 23 months ago?

Romo was 2-4 in six career playoff games. He's better off wearing a suit and talking into a microphone on Sundays. Brett Hundley is Green Bay's quarterback. And Colin Kaepernick won't be, either.

Here are more overreactions following Week 6:


OVERREACTION: The Browns (0-6) will go 0-16.

REALISTIC REACTION: Another week. Another loss. Looks more and more realistic.


OVERREACTION: There's no such thing as home-field advantage.

REALISTIC REACTION: Road teams have been having their way, but that can't keep up as the weather starts to turn.


OVERREACTION: Carson Wentz will be NFL MVP.

REALISTIC REACTION: The Eagles (5-1) are one of the NFL's biggest surprises, but it's only October.


OVERREACTION: The Broncos (3-2) are overrated and won't make the playoffs.

REALISTIC REACTION: Classic letdown against the depleted Giants (1-5), but the loss can be the reason they don't play in January.


OVERREACTION: Adrian Peterson is back to his MVP form.

REALISTIC REACTION: The star running back had an excellent debut with the Cardinals, but it'll be tough to sustain that kind of success.


OVERREACTION: Defense is the new offense. Teams scored 14 non-offensive TDs this week.

REALISTIC REACTION: Sloppy offense is a big culprit.


OVERREACTION: Cam Newton is selfish.

REALISTIC REACTION: Just because he stopped teammates from celebrating so he could do his Superman pose alone in front of a camera after a touchdown doesn't mean he's all about Cam.


OVERREACTION: The Chiefs (5-1) are overrated.

REALISTIC REACTION: The Steelers (4-2) have their number and were determined to rebound from an embarrassing loss.


OVERREACTION: Kyle Shanahan will be Coach of the Year.

REALISTIC REACTION: He has the 49ers (0-6) competing and staying close but they need to win a game.


OVERREACTION: The Rams (4-2) are the team to beat in the NFC West.

REALISTIC REACTION: Let's see how they fare with a tough travel schedule upcoming.


OVERREACTION: Deshaun Watson is the best rookie quarterback since Dan Marino.

REALISTIC REACTION: Watson is off to an outstanding start, but hold off on his bust for Canton.


OVERREACTION: Leonard Fournette is the next Bo Jackson.

REALISTIC REACTION: Fournette is an excellent running back, but can he hit a 500-foot home run?