NASCAR crumb catchers: Imagining mustaches on your favorite drivers

BY foxsports • November 21, 2014

The 2014 NASCAR season may be over, but thankfully "Movember" is still going strong. Before the month-long initiative (designed to help raise awareness for men's health issues) comes to a close, we'd like to have a little facial fur fun.  

Through the magic of Photoshop, we've provided epic lip foliage to some of your favorite non-mustachioed drivers. And no offense to Kyle Larson, but we felt that his current soup strainer needed a little help. 

Bring on the upper lipholstery!

Kyle Busch: "8th Grade Bully" Mustache

Denny Hamlin: "Doc Holliday" Mustache

Brad Keselowski: "Frank Zappa" Mustache

Kyle Larson: "Magnum P.I." Mustache

Joey Logano: "El Zorro" Mustache

Kyle Busch: "8th Grade Bully" Mustache – Just like 8th graders steal lunch money, Kyle Busch has a knack for stealing Nationwide and Truck Series wins.

Denny Hamlin: "Doc Holiday" Mustache — Hamlin loves to gamble and shows up when it matters most. Plus, we’re thinking he’s Joey Logano’s huckleberry.

Brad Keselowski: "Frank Zappa" Mustache – Frank Zappa is often in a world all on his own, and according to many in the garage, so is Brad Keselowski.

Kyle Larson: "Magnum P.I." Mustache – Kyle Larson may have grown his own ‘stache, and wasn't even born when Magnum P.I. was on television, but this one just seems fitting. All he needs is a cool Hawaiian shirt. 

Joey Logano: "El Zorro" Mustache – Riding in on his fast horse, Logano left his mark on the season ... just like the legendary swordsman.

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