Mike! Mike! Mike! What day is it, Mike? The Cards need to know!

BY foxsports • September 18, 2013

So a camel walks into Coors Field ...

Sounds crazy, right? Well it happened. Kind of.

Last Wednesday, Cardinals reliever John Axford, the newest member of the team, noticed his teammates enjoyed yelling "Hump Day" in the clubhouse. If you don't already get it, it is because of the popular Geico commercial that features a camel walking around an office asking people what day it is, only because it is a Wednesday, or "HumpDay." See video below if you live under a rock.

So when this Wednesday came around, Axford decided to have a little extra fun by purchasing camel costumes. He made sure he had the approval of manager Mike, Mike, Mike Matheny first, of course.

Words can't really do it justice. So here are your St. Louis Cardinals dressed like camels and getting really excited for Wednesday.

How happy are the Cardinals to be in a playoff race? I'd say happier than a bunch of grown men dressed up as camels grazing around a baseball field.

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